Kings of Coke


Urbania + Crave + Connect3





Michael Kronish
André Barro
Annie Bourdeau

Executive Producers

Philippe Lamarre
Pablo Salzman


Julian Sher

Art Director

Étienne Vigneault

Illustration Artist

Marie Bergeron


Joé Pelletier
Gabriel Lebeau
Etienne Vigneault

3D Artist

Gabriel Lebeau

Titre du documentaire Kings of Coke

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The art direction of Kings of Coke is inspired by its history, its era, archival material and the desire to be as close as possible to reality. The textures of newspaper cutouts, ink, paper and archival photos were used to develop the graphic language of the film and to create a link between the various elements.

The story and its era also inspired the “film noir” visual approach for its dark side and the play of light and shadow. A way of depicting the “rise and fall” of the Coke Kings, shedding light on aspects of the story while guiding viewers’ attention.

Hero image

Reenactment animation sequence

These scenes come from memories and stories told by the protagonists and the various media of the time, based on real archive images. In addition to harmonizing with the “film noir” style, the graphic treatment makes allows us to leave fragments of the story in mystery, leaving room for interpretation. A bit like faded memories or details lost in the dark.

Opening titles

The opening title presents the plot of Kings of Coke in a long zoom out that loops its trajectory on Montreal. Clues from the film revealed by the light, others that sink into the shadows, in a mixture of techniques that educates viewers on the graphic language of the film.

Design elements